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Free Australian metro shipping for orders over $65
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Quick Makeup Tips To Make You Feel Less Blah!

Quick Makeup Tips To Make You Feel Less Blah!

We all know that having kids means having significantly less time for yourself! When it comes to getting ready in the morning, you might find yourself having no time, being in a rush or being constantly interrupted by your kids. Finding your groove and nailing a morning routine that works for you (and your family) can be hard – so congrats if you have! If not, we’ve got some quick makeup tips to help make you feel a bit less blah, and to get ready in a flash! These tips are also perfect for getting ready quick during the busy holiday season.

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MUMMY 101: Tips To Refresh Your Nappy Bag and Keep It Looking Brand New

MUMMY 101: Tips To Refresh Your Nappy Bag and Keep It Looking Brand New

A baby bag is a mum’s best friend – not only is it your ‘how the heck am I going to carry all of this’ lifesaver, but it’s the ultimate fashion-meets-function accessory.

A good baby bag is designed to be durable and bounce back from the everyday wear and tear of being a mum, so investing a little more in a quality product is a must. To make sure you get the most out of your baby bag, the Livvy and Harry team have spilled our go-to tips to alleviate the worry of a leaking bottle, smelly nappy or accidental spew.

Look after your leather

At Livvy and Harry, our baby bags range from genuine leather, so taking care of your material is key. Just like a new pair of shoes or a jacket, you need to give your leather baby bag the VIP treatment from the very beginning. For all genuine leather products, a good quality leather conditioner and waterproofing spray prior to use is a must. For an instant refresh, repeat both every six months – your bag will bounce back to look almost new again, plus it will last much longer. Vegan leather products can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth to ensure your baby bag looks as good as you do 24/7!

Wet wipes, wet wipes, wet wipes

We’ll keep it simple; there’s never been a spill, smear or splash that a wet wipe couldn’t fix.

Stash soiled items separately

Wet clothes and dirty nappies can leave your baby bag smelling less than fresh. All Livvy and Harry bags come with a removable zip-up pouch – so you can stash soiled items, wet clothes, dirty nappies (or anything, really) in here for easy removal when you get home. Even better, your zip-up pouch can be thrown in the washing machine for an instant refresh!  

Use a clutch to hold your liquids

When you’re carrying water bottles, baby bottles, hand cream, nappy cream, lip gloss and so much more, leaks and spills are bound to happen. Pro tip: stash your small liquids like makeup, hand cream and nappy cream in a clutch bag before adding to your baby bag – not only will any spills be contained, but the days of digging through your bag to find what you need are long gone. Livvy and Harry bags also come with insulated bottle holders for easy access to water bottles and baby bottles.

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The Five Commandments of a 'She's Got It All Together' Mum

The Five Commandments of a 'She's Got It All Together' Mum

As a busy mum, it can be really damn hard to stay on top of absolutely everything, all the time.

How is one woman supposed to operate 24/7, looking after both herself AND a mini human/s while juggling the roles of personal entertainer, cleaner, chef, doctor, bank, and taxi? Oh and on top of all of that, she’s also meant to make time to get her hair done occasionally, workout, dress well, and maintain a successful career, social life, and her sanity.

Let’s be honest, no one’s life is really as perfect as they make it seem (trust us, you’re doing great), they just know how to fake it.

Need some tips on how to nail that ‘I’ve got it together’ mum look? These five commandments are for you.    

Commandment #1: I will always remember that wet wipes are a mum’s best friend

The amount of mess a baby can make in one day is a mystery to every mum, no matter how many times you wipe their face/hands/entire body. Mums who have it together know that baby wipes are the true hero of this narrative – from sticky faces and snotty noses to spills and stains, they literally erase mess. Wet wipes, coupled with a bib and change of clothes will ensure you maintain the illusion of having it together… even if both you and bub were covered in sticky pink milkshake 10 minutes ago. 

If you’re going to be away from the pram and have no clue where you’ll store these little lifesavers, the Livvy and Harry clutch is the grab and go superstar every mum needs.  It can hold a small stash of wipes and a nappy as well as your phone and wallet.  Plus, would you believe it’s completely spill-proof and wipeable too? Told you those wipes were a necessity.

Commandment #2: I will not sacrifice my style for a baby bag that screams ‘mumsy’

The value of a functional yet chic baby bag cannot be underestimated. Mums who appear to have it together don’t forget anything when they leave the house, and it’s all thanks to a bag that can carry everything. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing on style – your bag should look as good as it is practical. A neutral shade (think grey, tan, cream or black) will ensure you can match it with any outfit or occasion.

Livvy and Harry’s range of bags are your carry-all solution to a nappy bag that looks like a handbag. With plenty of pockets, compartments and reinforced straps, you can fit both your own and your baby’s essentials while remaining oh-so-stylish. Our personal favourites for everyday use are the Leather Tote and Keep It Organised Duffle Bag.

Commandment #3: I will nourish my own body, not just bub’s

More often than not, the problem of a whingey baby (and a hangry mum) can be solved with food. When you’re on-the-go, eating well can be tricky, but keeping a stash of nourishing snacks on hand at all times will stop you reaching for sugary treats. Making sure you have plenty of water at the ready will also help you maintain that glow of health (even if you only got 2 hours sleep last night).

All Livvy and Harry bags come with bottle holders for easy storage and access to formula and water bottles, plus plenty of pockets for stashing grab ‘n’ go snacks.

Commandment #4: I will not forget about my pre-baby style

When you’ve had two hours sleep and are trying to wrestle a grizzling toddler into the car - putting on stilettos, a full face of makeup and curling your hair is not going to happen. Mums who have it together know that a little effort goes a long way – and will leave you feeling (and looking) a million dollars.

An emergency make-up kit is a must-have for busy mums. A little tinted moisturizer, cheek tint and lip balm, plus a spritz of dry shampoo are all you need to freshen up on-the-go. If make up’s not your thing, keep a mini bottle of your favourite fragrance on hand – people who smell good always have an air of ‘togetherness’.

Just because you’re a mum, doesn’t mean you need to give up your personal style – here are five style investments to help you nail that ‘chic and effortless’ look.

Commandment #5: I will make time for me

Whether it’s a workout, getting your hair refreshed, dinner with a friend, or simply taking an hour to read a book and drink a cup of tea on your own, making time for yourself is so important. Mums who have it together know that a little R&R is the best way to avoid burnouts – and nothing says ‘she’s got it together’ like a mum who looks after herself.

Armed with these commandments, you’ll be the envy of every mum you pass on the street.

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